Health Policy Initiative

India’s growth and development have been seriously hampered, inter alia, by efficiency and equity deficits in its health sector. Such deficits are poised to become more pronounced with the growing burden of chronic diseases in the country. Already, 21 percent (3.4 million) of global premature deaths due to NCDs happen in India, the highest in the world. A country with global aspirations cannot afford the loss of human life at such a scale, not to talk of the associated economic costs for households and the country at large. A 2 percent annual reduction in deaths due to NCDs between 2005 and 2015 would have not only led to substantial gains in its labor supply, but saved India 15 billion dollars.

The Health Policy Initiative aims to analyze some of the critical challenges in India’s health sector, and likewise develop actionable policy recommendations for health sector reform based on best practices from around the world. HPI has started out with two research programs – viz. the Research Program on Drug Regulatory Reforms in India and Research Program on Tackling Chronic Diseases in India – but would expand to other areas of concern for health policymaking in the country in the near future.

In our research as well as in consultations and dissemination, we adopt a multi-stakeholder approach, facilitating direct stakeholder engagement and consensus-building on major issues of health policy. Based on stakeholder engagement and our cutting-edge policy analysis, we develop and disseminate our policy recommendations for health sector reforms in India.

For potential research themes and collaborations, or general suggestions, kindly contact:

Dr Ali Mehdi
Project Leader, Health Policy Initiative
T: +91 11 4311 2453

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