Chronic Disease

Our Research Program on Chronic Diseases in India aims to address challenges regarding the prevention and surveillance of chronic diseases at the primary health level in particular. The problem of chronic diseases is more severe in low and middle income countries (LMICs) in comparison to the high income countries. About 74 percent of chronic disease related deaths occur in LMICs and most of these deaths are premature (under 70 years), placing an enormous burden of chronic diseases-related morbidity, productivity and economic loss on these countries. In India, in 2012, 59 percent of premature deaths occurred due to chronic diseases as compared to 27 and 15 percent due to acute diseases and injuries respectively. Moreover, 21 percent of global premature deaths due to NCDs happen in India, the highest in the world. A nation with global aspirations cannot afford the loss of human capital – and resultant costs for households and the economy – at this scale. The objective of this research programme is to highlight issues in tackling chronic diseases and suggest policy reforms at both the national and state levels.