Workshop on Tackling Chronic Diseases – 24th April, 2015
Ali Mehdi
Wednesday, 9th March 2016
KG Marg, New Delhi 110003

A consultative workshop to discuss desk-based research / status papers on the selected themes was organized on 24th April 2015. This workshop marked a shift from desk-based to field-based stage of the research program. The goal of the consultative workshop was to develop a comprehensive field research strategy to target prevention, management, treatment and surveillance of chronic diseases.
The inaugural address of the workshop was delivered by Dr David Bloom, Clarence James Gamble Professor of Economics and Demography, Department of Global Health and Population, Harvard School of Public Health.
Dr. Bloom reiterated the importance of health as being one of the most valuable forms of human capital and the endangering influence that chronic diseases pose to economies. He asserted that despite being formidable, the challenge of tackling chronic diseases is not insurmountable. Policymakers bear an important onus of addressing this challenge by catering to statistical bottlenecks and earmarking a sizable role to prevention of chronic diseases – which by far has remained inconsequential due to the inordinate role that curative medicine has assumed over several decades.
Other distinguished speakers who participated pro-actively in the discussion sessions included Dr. Anindya Chatterjee Regional Director, Asia IDRC, New Delhi; Dr. L. Swasticharan, Chief Medical Officer, Dte. GHS, MoHFW, New Delhi; Dr. Atreyi Ganguli, National Professional Officer, World Health Organization, India; Dr. Mohamed Ali, Assistant Professor of Global Health and Epidemiology, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University Georgia, USA; Dr. Priyavrat Bhati, Programme Director – Sustainable Industrialisation, Centre for Science and Environment; Mr Ravi Duggal, Programme Officer, International Budget Partnership, Mumbai; Dr Anjali Chikersal, Senior Fellow, Centre for Policy Research (CPR), New Delhi; Dr Ken Thorpe, Chairman, Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease, Atlanta; Dr Bobby John, President, Global Health Advocates, New Delhi; Dr. Shirshendu Mukherjee Senior Strategic Advisor Wellcome Trust New Delhi and many more distinguished panelists.